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What we do

We film and photograph the world from angles that have never been explored before.

See Beyond

From high definition photography to cinema ready footage, Sycamore has opened up a world of possibilities in aerial imaging. We use the latest in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology and not only do the UAVs get us into new spaces, they do it safely, efficiently and with little to no emissions. We aim to open up the creative door for directors, cinematographers, story tellers and the rest. With Sycamore you finally have the flexibility to capture any angle you’ve ever dreamed of, bringing all of your creative vision to life; making your story that much more powerful. Check out our work to understand what’s getting us so excited! It’s only the beginning, start dreaming.


Aerial Film

We can shoot on anything from a Canon 7D to a RED EPIC. With live feeds to the director we can see exactly what’s going on live, from wherever we are. Sycamore is the next step in film making and production. Check out our trailer for a taster.


Aerial Photography

Whatever camera, whatever Lens. We take high-res images that are made for professional use, providing you with either RAW or Tiff format images. For us it’s not just about getting images from a height, it’s about discovering the unseen.


Project Management

If you are after more than just the raw footage or image, Sycamore can manage your project from start to finish. Our team knows how to get things done professionally while keeping the flare and creativity. Have a nosey at the example below.


Why Sycamore?

We are the space between a camera jib and a helicopter. It's a space never explored before.

Creatives Meet Technology

People often think UAVs are a replacement of helicopters. Well that’s not how Sycamore sees it. Our aim is to enable story tellers and image makers to capture angles you can only dream of. It’s the sort of shots where you start at 5ft and sweep up into a glorious 400ft reveal that gets us excited. Chasing cars and sweeping between ditches, damns and all the rest. We’re not here to take a boring high angle shot, we’re here to create something truly amazing. When you work with Sycamore, you’re working with the most professional and advanced team of UAV creatives in the country.


Technologically advanced

Sycamore uses the latest in aerial imagery technology to deliver media that was once unobtainable. This is through the technological advancements in  UAVs and partnering with the leaders in the industry. Some of the key advantages Sycamore offers over competitors are:

Service focused

Sycamore was built by a team passionate about a customer service based UAV company. With visionary leadership, complimented by an array of skills in film, photography, aviation, communications, marketing and project management, Sycamore has been raised to deliver nothing less than outstanding service with an outstanding product. This eclectic group have developed systems and operational expertise to guarantee the highest of quality product technology can provide that is also safe and reliable.

Safety and environmental pioneers

Sycamore is developing and refining the safety standards and operational procedures for the UAV  industry, alongside the CAA. Sycamore is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to capture aerial imagery. With zero emissions and a minute carbon foot print, Sycamore is a safe, efficient and cost effective alternative to helicopters.


Sycamore takes safety extremely seriously. We’re so passionate about creating a sustainable UAV industry here in NZ that we’re working with the CAA and other authorisations to develop regulation around UAV operations and their safety parameters.
We don’t have package prices as every job requires a certain machine, skill level, clearances and output. For that reason, give us a call or flick us an email with some detail and we’ll provide a free quote asap.
All of the technology we use packs into transportable Pelican cases that can travel on any plane around the country and abroad. In other words, we can go anywhere.

Our Technology

When you pair technological brilliance with creative thinking, you make magic.

We Use the Best

Sycamore uses the most advanced UAV technology available in New Zealand. We’re powered by Altus Solutions, who not only manufacture state of the art UAVs, but operate them too. We have a fleet of 8 UAVs available, so depending on the job, we can get you exactly what you’re after. With a number of built in fail safes and safety management tools, we can guarantee a safe and professional environment every time you work with us. We pride ourselves on professionalism, and everything we operate is up to the standard of todays best production equipment, so no fluffing around on set or trying to make a battery work. When Sycamore are on the job, everything happens as planned, on time, every time.


Fleet Overview:

8 UAVs in total
Can carry anything from a gopro to a Red Epic
Operates in light rain
Up to 1 hour flight duration
Individual wireless camera, UAV control and monitoring
3 axis gyro stabilised gimbals with 3 levels of stabilisation = silky smooth operation
Military spec dual redundancy autopilot, Dual IMU, Dual GPS and Dual Compass giving total reliability at all times of operation
Ballistic parachute system that can safely operate as low as 8m
All machines can operate in wind speeds of up to 11ms and still provide stable video image that does not require post stabilization. 

Hex 1000:

Heavy lift quad multirotor
Cameras: DSLR
Lift capacity: 2-6kg
1o minute flight times
Parachute safety system
Wind resistance: 30kph
3 axis Pro gimbal
Mil spec Dual redundancy autopilot

Big Boy:

Extreme heavy lift quad multirotor
Rain resistant
Cameras: DSLR / Blackmagic / F55 / RED EPIC / etc
Lift capacity: 30kg
60 minute flight times
Parachute safety system
Wind resistance: 30kph
3 axis Pro gimbal
Mil spec Dual redundancy autopilot




About us

Sycamore focusses on high end unmanned aerial imagery for professional production.

Leading the Industry

Sycamore was born from five creative and driven people, who’s goal was to take a growing technology of UAVs and translate it into a new way of capturing imagery and creativity. After years of development, Sycamore is ready to take on NZ and lead the charge in Unmanned Aerial Imagery. With a highly qualified skill set in aviation, production, marketing and even finance, the team at Sycamore are well equiped to handle any project of any size. What’s best is that we have a pretty good time a long the way. So feel free to contact us if you have any queries, we’re a nice bunch.

The Team

Ben comes from an interesting background of production and media. He began his career making music videos which featured on C4 and Juice TV. From there his passion for creativity met his passion for business and his focus soon turned to web video and filling the current gap in the market within New Zealand. This has lead Ben to start his own production company based in Wellington which focusses on web based video content. Ben has worked on Films such as the Hobbit, he has advised on media approaches for the Ministry of Social development and he has won several awards for his music videos, short films and production skills. Ben was the original brains behind Sycamore, but was smart enough to get an extremely talented team surrounding him to bring the dream to life.
Chris has a background in finance but often feels like a creative soul trapped in an accountants body. A love for travel and his European heritage resulted in a 7 year stint in the UK, where he worked for high profile companies such as Unilever, Accenture and BBC Worldwide in a variety of finance roles. Now back where his heart has always remained, Wellington, he is a business partner in a central city accounting practice specialising in the IT, media and entertainment sectors. He has a passion for the visual arts, and in particular film and photography. Seeing the everyday from a different perspective is what inspires him about Sycamore’s take on aerial imagery. He believes that its not just what you do, but how you go about doing it that results in success. Ambition and an overwhelmingly positive attitude are something the Sycamore team has in spades. Its a pleasure to be involved with such a forward looking company.
Davids experience and expertise have been developed from an early age with his involvement in the family sheet metal and engineering businesses. This allowed his operational and administrative skills to be nurtured and set him on a path for success. A BTM from Victoria University opened the door to become the Marketing Coordinator for Freefall Xtreme in Rotorua, which propelled his love for all things air born. Artist Liaison, Freelance Marketing Strategist and Marketing Coordinator for Twin Rivers, a sort-after premium, organic produce supplier has further developed this. His love for product development, accompanied with his experience in customer service will help Sycamore remain leaders in Aerial Imaging. “The ability to bring new angles and open up the skies for media, marketing and monitoring is exciting.” Says David.
Kat specialises in Communications. She currently works at DNA Branded Communications where she is the Senior Account Manager. Previously she has contracted for MFAT in Washington D.C and also started a hospitality focused production company called K&B. Before this all, she worked at Wellington Airport as their Media & Marketing Manager and has also worked for HRL Morrison & Co and Infratil. Kat currently holds a BCS majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. Growing up in the RNZAF, Kat is no stranger to aviation and its future possibilities.
Stephen brings a wealth of strategic international experience to Sycamore from appointments in London, Brussels and Africa and as an accredited Attaché to the British Embassy in Washington DC, USA. He has spent the majority of his career in leadership roles in the public sector; the most recent as CEO of a major Leadership, Flight and Technical Training group for the NZDF. Stephen was a fighter pilot with the RAF and holds a NZ CAA Commercial Pilots License and is working alongside the CAA to ensure that NZ and Sycamore lead the way in unmanned flight legislation. Stephen says “I love flying myself and don’t ever see a day when the pilot will be removed totally from the cockpit; however, unmanned helicopters offer an awesome opportunity to bring affordable aerial imagery to previously untapped markets. An unmanned helicopter can do those ‘daft, dirty or dangerous’ jobs that it would be impossible to do with a manned aircraft. Sycamore do these safely and I am delighted to be associated with them as a Director and I am constantly amazed at the quality of their final product.”




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